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Issue with J-SDATA output table - shaswin - 20-06-2019

Affected version: Ple4Win professional v4.6.0

The MaxRot is not filled correctly in row 1 of the J-SDATA table.



I don't know why it is 18.3 degrees. I thought it should be 27.43 degrees according to the JOINTS input table.

It gives an error E330/9:

I have attached the Ple4Win project file.

Is this a bug?

To solve this issue you have to increase for example x-C and x-T from 105 mm to for example 420 mm. Is this normal?


RE: Issue with J-SDATA output table - Dr. J Foerster - 20-06-2019

In general the joint calculations done in DF3.3 are a bit more complex than they may seem.

With socket-spigot joints (or sleeves joints) with stops, the maximum rotation possible is determined by two limits: The maximum rotation given in the JOINTS table and the maximum rotation possible due to the fact that there are two pipes inside each other at such a joint. If there is a rotation the two pipes rotate in respect to each other and one of the pipes may hit a stop. Hitting that stop prevents the rotation angle to increase. With such joints without a stop the pipe would start to leak.

This also explains why increasing x-C and x-T helps, now the given maximum rotation can be reached without hitting any stops.

So it's not a bug but actually a useful feature. It warns the user that the mechanical design of the joint is not sufficient for an initial stress-free situation.

RE: Issue with J-SDATA output table - shaswin - 21-06-2019

Thanks Jens, I have fixed it.