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Bug during pasting table values - shaswin - 21-06-2019

Affected version: Ple4Win professional v4.6.0

Step to reproduce this issue:
Step 1: Open a fully processed project file and Set Back function 6.2 and open the SECTION input table;
Step 2: Destroy/clear all value with the clear all input data button;
Step 3: Copy a fully SECTION input table from Excel and paste it on the SECTION input table. You will then get a bug warning.

You have to add an empty row before pasting values from Excel.

RE: Bug during pasting table values - Dr. J Foerster - 25-06-2019

Thank you for reporting this bug.
I looked into the situation, the missing empty row is not a problem in itself, but the program has difficulties determining at which point of the table (row, column) it should insert the data as there is no selected item (row, column, cell, shown with the blue border).
We assigned ticket no. J-2306 to this bug.

Note that this bug only occurs when using the clipboard to paste data (from Excel or a different source) into a Ple4Win table. Directly importing the Excel-file into the table does work even if no rows are visible.