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Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"
26-02-2021, 11:30 AM,
Question  Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"

I have a problem when zooming insideĀ the 3D-view of the Location EditorĀ from the Soil Wizard.
When zooming-in, it is relatively seamless to about half-way.
From that point is starts to stutter. Scrolling with the mouse wheel, or using the zoom-buttons is very slow.

02-03-2021, 03:01 PM,
RE: Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"
Hello Bas,

Sounds like a performance problem. Can you check that "Use hardware acceleration" is checkend/switched on in the program options (menu Tools - Options - tab Advanced)?

It might also help to give an indication of what hardware you are using (desktop/laptop, CPU model , amount of memory, graphical card present or using integrated graphics)
02-03-2021, 03:17 PM,
RE: Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"

I'm not sure if I had that checked using the normal version. My license is now expired, so I cannot check it.
But I guess so, it's also checked on the Educational Version on my PC.

Zooming works fine using the `3D pipeline overview` (module X1). No matter the size of the model or items checked (constraints/connections etc.).
Looks like it is only present in the Soil Wizard's 3D View (module X0).

If I need to zoom to the end of my model in the Soil Wizard's 3D View, it scrolls/zooms normally until about halfway. After that it zooms very slowly.
It's easier/quicker then to rotate the model, so that the back of the model is facing to the front, and zoom from there.

(Desktop Win10 / CPU: i7-8700K 3,7 GHz / Memory: 32 GB / External Graphics: GeForce RTX2060)
02-03-2021, 03:51 PM,
RE: Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"

Very interesting behaviour, I have not seen that before. Is it a very long and/or large model? Long in the sense of large total distance in at least one direction (x, y or z), large in the sense of a large number of elements?

Your computer is more than sufficient to run the program, so that is not the issue here.

We'll do a couple of tests here ourselves, but it might also help if you could supply us with your project file (please send it to us directly though mail).
02-03-2021, 03:58 PM,
RE: Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"

The current model is long, but simple.
But on previous projects I've seen it too.

Because of the #elements and joints it takes a while to calculate.
But in Function 3.2 that doesn't matter I think.

I'll send it to you through mail.
04-03-2021, 06:17 PM,
RE: Problem when zooming in "Profile Location Editor"
The 3D visualisation also slows down with a large number of elements as all elements are shown (or known if outside the view box). But that should only be a problem way above 10.000 elements.

I received your project, on my computer I can not see a difference in behaviour if I zoom in to the end directly or first turn the model around.
One thing you can check is if the hardware acceleration is switched on (it should be by default). Please close all 3D visualisations and the soil wizard, then check/change the option "Use hardware acceleration" in the program options (menu "Tools - Options...", then tab "Advanced").

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